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Brags from 2013

Brags from NOVEMBER - DECEOMBER 2013 Newsletter



Cathy Artis tells us that…QUINCY IS BAAACK!!! We went to Harrisburg for the TNT UKC Agility

trials. He had eleven runs with eight Q's to include: 4 - 1st, 2 - 2nd, 2 - 3rd, with one 200 !. (All scores

were above 195.) He is physically fine, needs to get his mind back in synch more. He is running like

the wind. All that rehab paid off (and now Mom needs to go to rehab !) We were on a point quest: he

earned 19 pts in AGI (a category in which he is already triple maxed out) and 14 pts in AGII. Now he

just needs 6 more AGII pts for his UACH (had such high hopes) so the quest continues. The RV almost

got blown off the road by the wind storms on the way home, so actually glad we're home and


AND...Quincy continues his comeback. We ran at B&D's CPE Agility trials on Sunday, 11/17. He

earned his eighth level 4 standard leg (with a first place) to complete his CL4-R title. Now onward and



Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that...At the Four Seasons K9 CPE Agility Trial on November 2 & 3,

C-ATCH2 Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn", earned 2 Standard, a

Wildcard, a Snooker, and a Colors leg.

AND...at the same trial, C-ATCH CS-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX,

MXJ, MJB, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned a

Jackpot, 2 Standard, a Full House, a Snooker and a Colors leg.

AND...at the B & D Creekside Agility Trial on November 16 & 17, C-ATCH2 Homespun Cubbie Blue

BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn", earned a Standard, a Colors, a Wildcard, a Full House, and a

Jackpot leg.

AND...at the same trial, C-ATCH CS-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX,

MXJ, MJB, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned a

Standard, 2 Colors, a Wildcard, and a Jackpot leg.

AND we are thrilled to report that...at the Splash & Dash Agility Trial on December 7 & 8, C-ATCH2

Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn", earned a Standard, a Wildcard, and

a Colors leg, and that final Jackpot leg to finish her CPE Agility Trial Champion 3!!!!!

AND...at the same trial, C-ATCH CS-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX,

MXJ, MJB, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah" earned 2

Jackpot, a Standard, 2 Full House, a Wildcard, a Jumpers, and a Colors leg.


From Kaskade...Torree, Imperial Kaskade Orion's Nitesky had a very good weekend November 16 and

17. We traveled to Morgantown for an agility show on Friday. Torree Q'd in Exc Standard with a first

place and then Q'd in Jumpers with a first place win and her Excellent JWW title.


Lynn Uram tells us that...Geraldo and I had a great day at the Mountaineer Kennel Club's agility trial

on November 16th. We put his MACH6 to bed on the first run of the day!! All MACHs are special, but

other than his very first MACH, this one meant more to me than any of the others. Five months ago, we

didn't know if he'd ever run agility again much less MACH again. So taking today's victory lap with my

baby boy was even more joyful than usual. I feel so blessed to be running with Geraldo again. He

smiles from ear to ear the entire time he's on the course, and he really gets into our victory laps

too. There's a link to the video of our MACH run on the "What's New" page on our web site and also on

my Facebook page.

AND...Our agility year ended with a bang!! On December 6th, Zelda earned her MACH7 at the Admiral

Perry Obedience Training Club's agility trial in Edinboro, PA. The following day, her son, Tequila,

finished his Master Standard (MX) title. We were happy dancing all weekend!! <G>




From Kaskade...We traveled to Lexington Kentucky for a herding trial. Torree, Imperial Kaskade

Orion's Nitesky qualified in Herding Started Course A earning a 2nd place and a title. She now has a

Master Herding Started title, HSAdM. This Q was even better because she did in a high winds and

pouring rain. She hates rain! Torree is the first sheltie to earn the masters title on ducks and the 2nd of

any breed to awarded the title.


Brags from OCTOBER 2013 Newsletter



From Kaskade…"Torree" Imperial Kaskade Orion's Nitesky RN OA OAJ OF HSAds went to Ohio for

the Greater Detroit Shetland Sheepdog Herding Trial Sept 14 and 15th. She qualified both days with a

1st and 2nd place and earned 2 more legs towards her Master Herding Started title.




Rusty & Earl Cromer tell us that their sable champion, Merlyn's Anistar Unscripted finished his Grand

Championship on September 25th. Kobe was beautifully handled to his title by his breeder, Lindsay

Spitznogle. Many thanks for a job well done.


Maureen & Lindsay Spitznogle tells us that…Anistar Enchanted "Giselle" won her first major at the

Butler County KC show on September 21. This was Giselle's first time out in about nine months and

Lindsay and I are absolutely thrilled ! Giselle was bred by us out of CH Merlyn Anistar Adoration "Dora"

and sired by CH Anistar Ever Seen the Rain "Noah".


Anne Trosky is still recovering from two thrilling weekends but is delighted to report that for the first

time in his show career, "Gabriel", CH CastleGate’s Angel In Disguise, was Best of Breed at the Beaver

County Kennel Club Dog Show in Aliquippa on October 6, 2013 and "Indi", Gypsy’s Indigo Angel, was

Winners Dog. Indi is out of the " Gabe" x " Windi" , Gypsy Karefree Wind OA OAJ litter and is co-owned

by Barb Westerman. "Grammy Barb" had her work cut out for her and did a beautiful job showing both

Gabe and Indi. Margaret Whyel did a fine job when she took Indi back in for Best of Breed…Thanks

Barb and Margaret!! Gabe especially had fun in the Group ring for the first time when he thought

everyone was cheering and clapping for him the whole time!! ;) Thank you to Judge Paul F. Wilhauck

for appreciating both "father and son". And Thank You again to Margaret and Elaine Kelvington for

staying to cheer us on in the Herding Group. Days like these are even more fun and special when

shared with friends!!

AND…We had a repeat performance the following weekend at the Catonsville Kennel Club Dog Show

in West Friendship, MD. Gabe went Best of Breed and made the cut in the Herding Group, giving him a

major toward his GCH, and Indi went Best of Winners for 2 points toward his CH. Thank you to Judge

Neena Van Camp for these exciting wins. Many Thanks to Katie Grohowalski who presented both

Gabe and Indi so beautifully all weekend. Junior Handler Rachel Robertson was the lucky one who got

to take Indi in for Best of Breed and despite the fact the Indi and Gabe thought it was playtime since

they were standing side by side, Rachel and Katie, did a great job keeping both boys in line! This was

the first time that both Bill and I got to see Gabe and Indi together in the Winner’s Circle, and Bill’s first

time seeing Gabe in the Herding Group…what a proud and memorable moment for both of us!!

AND…The following day at West Friendship, Gabe was Select Dog, adding to his GCH points, and Indi

was Reserve Winners Dog under Judge Johan Becerra-Hernandez. It was a rainy weekend from start

to finish in MD but when we were 30 minutes from home the sun was shining and we saw a huge

double rainbow….a perfect end to a fantastic weekend!!!


Julie Iverson tells us that...We've had a good week at Homespun! It started out with Homespun

Karefree Tahari winning WB for her 2nd point from the 6-9 class at Aliquippa and her Grandmother

Christy (Homespun Allspice Silverlicious) was BOS. Then we went to Interstate Shetland Sheepdog

Club specialty the following day where Vera (Homespun Unveiled) was WB for a 4 pt major under

Barbara Kenealy and Calvin (mBISS gGCh/Can Ch Homespun Casual Blues PT NA OAJ NF VCX AOM

CC) was BOB for his 16th BISS under Susan Ferroni-Keleher. Then the following Friday Vera not only

won WB/BOW but she took the breed over a special! This brings Vera up to 11 points with one major.

AND…On Sunday 10/13 under judge Johan Becerra-Hernandez Homespun Unveiled "Vera" was

WB/BOW and BOB over specials! Thank you Katie Grohowalski for presenting her so beautifully! She

now needs a major to finish.


Beth Ann Davis reports that Ch. Hullston’s Antiquity (aka TEKE) won Best of Breed at the Fort

Steuben Kennel Association’s show in Aliquippa on Saturday 10/05/13 under judge Mrs. Wendy G.

Willhauck. TEKE was beautifully presented by Ms. Lindsay Spitznogle. This added 3 more Grand

Championship points for TEKE as well as his 3rd Grand Championship major. We are getting closer

and closer. Thank you to all TEKE’s fans and supporters.




Ginny Shultz tells us that…Hoover has made it through his Utility title and is on to working on UDX

legs and OTCH points. We started showing in Novice last November and he has steadily progressed

through Novice, Open, Grad Open and now Utility by the end of September. His 1st Utility leg was at

the German Shepherd Specialty where he got 2nd place in Utility B and wasted 3 OTCH points since he

didn't have his title yet. The following weekend he qualified 2 shows in a row to complete the title and

leave me speechless. I realize he is smarter than I am, so this should be quite a trip finishing the UDX

and forward. I would like to thank Debbie Hull and Rusty Cromer for breeding this genius who

continues to amaze and delight everyone who sees him. Maybe when he turns 4 he will mature a

little? The comment to remember on this early journey from an obedience judge is "How can something

this beautiful be this bad?" That was as he licked the judge's face on the moving stand!




Terri Poirier tells us that…Jayla, Saranac Fields of Dreams completed her excellent jumpers title

(AXJ) at the Greater St Louis Agility trial. She also earned two AX legs and two MXJ legs.

AND…Rachel earned another QQ and now has 12 QQ and 642 pts.


Gio, owned and loved by Michelle Yackovich is proud to announce that he placed 4th in his jump

height at the Petit Prix National Teacup Agility Trial. He also placed first in Puppy Canon and Standard,

earned his intermediate games title, made it to the the finals for the weave pole challenge and Mr.

Rogers challenge. In the Finals he placed 3rd in the weave pole challenge with a time of 9.1 second,

losing to two border collies. And placed second in the Mr. Rogers challenge Finals. He also won the

regional auditions to appear on David Letterman. I just hope that the producers of Letterman like his

trick as well as the producers from West Virginia. I am very proud of my boy.




Carol DeMoss and Mary Lou Williamson have the following brags for lure coursing…In Monroe

Michigan, the end of Sept Torree earned her 2nd and 3rd leg and her title CA. Regan qualified both

days for her and 2nd leg. Marta ran Sunday only and earned her 1st leg. B'Elanna ran Sunday only

and earned her 1st leg. Lure coursing for non sight hounds (CAT) Coursing Ability Test, has recently

been recognized as an official AKC event. The dogs run 800 yards (more than 7 football fields) chasing

3 empty plastic bags. The course includes several turns. Each dog runs alone and it is against the

clock. The dogs have 90 seconds to complete the course--no time problem for our wild shelties. Pass or

Fail. All dogs over 12 inches run the same course and have the same time. In other words, our shelties

run the same course that German shepherds, border collies, and Teverans run. There are 3 title levels.

CA--3 Q's, CAA 10 q's and CAX 25 q's. It is amazing to watch the dogs run flat out with pure joy.


Brags from SEPTEMBER 2013 Newsletter



Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that...At the Four Seasons K9 CPE Agility Trial on August 10 & 11, C

-ATCH2 Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn", earned a 2 Jumpers, a

Standard, and a Snooker leg.

AND...at the same trial, C-ATCH CS-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX,

MXJ, MJB, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned 2

Jumpers, a Wildcard, a Jackpot, a Standard, and a Snooker leg.


Lynn Uram tells us that...The day after he finished his AKC breed championship, Tequila put "the

pedal to the metal" and finished his MXJ at the NEOECS trial in North Olmsted,OH. What a rush that

run was!! On Sunday, he earned his 7th MX leg, so we're hoping to complete his MX soon too!

AND...Zelda was not going to be outdone by her son this weekend. She was 6 for 6 for the weekend!

She's been a QQ'ing machine lately!


Michelle Yackovich reports that...Gio and I had a great weekend at the Labor Day agility trial at B and

D. He had a perfect weekend: 9 runs, 9 Q's, all first and second place finishes and earned 3 new titles:

Novice Standard, Novice FAST and Novice Jumpers. I am so proud of him!!


From Diane Ambrose: I am very excited to announce that Damingo Pedal To The Metal,

BN,CD,RN,MX,MXG,MXJ,MJS,XF, has added the letters MACH to his name!! Chase's finishing MACH

runs were at the August 17th Youngstown All Breed Training Club trial. It was a long journey, but along

the way, Chase had lots of fun and I made many wonderful friends! Chase always keeps us guessing

when he runs - one run, perfection and the next, crashing every jump! And that's what makes him

Chase - he loves everyone, but he lives for Agility! I am grateful for so many people who made Chase's

MACH possible: Joanna Fortson, for breeding such an awesome dog, Marlana Tice, for encouraging

me to believe that Chase could really do it, to Sheila Martin and Aunt Pat, who let Chase make their

home his own and especially to Team Chase - Mary Martin and Elaine Mayowski, the best Agility

handlers in the world. Chase and I love them all dearly. And what could make the MACH even more

special - Joanna and Marlana were both at the trial to see it!! Special thanks also to our friends from

TRSSCGP and Excel for cheering Chase on to victory! Look for Chase's cool ad on Shelties Online,

compliments of Joanna and Marlana, and for his new web page at DAMINGO SHELTIES. Chase

surprised us with two more QQ's, so he is racing to MACH 2!




Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are thrilled, Hannah and Addisyn are not, to announce a new addition to the

household. Merlyn Hullston Black Sapphire "Tess", joined our family on September 6th. We’d like to

thank Rusty Cromer & Debbie Hull for this blue merle girl with the gorgeous face, big attitude and

endless amounts of energy.

Brags from AUGUST 2013 Newsletter



Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are thrilled to report that...At the Splash N Dash CPE Agility Trial on

August 3 & 4, C-ATCH2 Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn", had her 7th

Perfect Weekend, qualifying in 10 out of 10 runs. This in spite of the fact that during her Jackpot run

(which I had to run twice because the timer forgot to start the clock on her first run), I passed out three

obstacles from the end due to my blood sugar dropping, and she finished the course without me and

still qualified. Thank goodness it was on Astroturf and not dirt!

AND...at the same trial, C-ATCH CS-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX,

MXJ, MJB, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah", qualified

in 7 out of 10 runs.




Carol DeMoss tells us that..."Devan" was WD for 4 points at the Nita-Nee Kennel Club July 20th for a

4 point win to finish. He also went BOW. He is now Champion Kaskade Dunade's Irish Tenor, HT PT



B'Elanna was WB at Chagrin Falls on Sunday for 2 pts. This gave her championship. She is now Ch

Kaskade's Resistance is Futile, RN HT PT NAJ VC. B'Elanna was bred by Carol DeMoss and Mary

Lou Williamson and is co-owned by Donna Rozeck and Carol DeMoss. This makes the 3rd champion

for her dam Torree, Imperial Kaskade Orion's Nitesky, RN HT PT HSAsd OF OAJ OA.




Terri Poirier tells us that...I am pleased to report that Caleb earned his HT today! I trained and

showed him. This is the first herding title that I personally earned on one of our dogs. He also earned

his NA and NAJ titles during the past couple of months. His mother Jayla finished four agility tiles over

the past few months including NA, NAJ, OA, and OAJ.


Brags from JULY 2013 Newsletter



Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that...At the Splash N Dash CPE Agility Trial on June 1 & 2, C-ATCH

CS-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, MJB, OAP, MJP, NF,

AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned 2 Standard, 2 Jumpers, a

Full House and a Wildcard leg.

AND...At the same trial, C-ATCH2 Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn",

earned 2 Standard, a Snooker, 2 Colors, 2 Jumpers, a Full House and a Wildcard leg.


Lynn Uram tells us that...MACH6 Zelda Lou--that has such a nice ring to it!! Zelda earned her

MACH6 on June 15th at the TRSSCGP agility trial! Zelda almost always MACHs when she's totally

naked, so when she blew the remainder of her coat in conjunction with her pre-trial bath, I felt pretty

good about our chances to MACH this weekend!! <G> It was really nice to finish Zelda's MACH at our

club's trial with so many of our friends there to celebrate with us. Tom was able to come to the trial on

Saturday too, and he brought us our MACH ribbon after we crossed the finish line. He almost never

gets to see our MACH runs, so having him there made our celebration extra special. Geraldo was not

about to let Zelda show him up. He QQ'ed on Saturday and qualified on three of his four runs for the



Sandy Irish reports that...Gaelyn (Roadsho Irish Gael Winds MXB, MJB, OF) Q’d twice each day, at

the YABTC June 23, 24 AKC weekend trial. This brings her to 12 QQs. She also qualified in Time To

Beat, the first time we have played that game. Her son, Sam, (Irish Heir of Aragorn) got his second leg

in Novice Fast Preferred with a First Place in his class.

AND...I would like to add that at the CABTC trial the July 12-14 weekend, she did QQ twice for #13 and

14. So 6 more to go! And at this same trial Sam added a leg to get his Novice Fast Preferred title. He

is now in Open for all his classes.




Barb Westerman reports that...For those that aren't on Facebook or didn't hear the screaming from

Columbus and Pittsburgh...."Risk" (Karefree Fear Factor) finished his Championship at South Hills

today (6/23/13)!!! Big thanks to Katie who showed Risk this weekend for his last 4 singles, which

included a Best of Breed & Group 3 on Thursday (6/20/13). This is Champion #1 for both his sire

"Gabe" (CH CastleGate's Angel In Disguise) and his dam "Windi" (Karefree Gypsy Wind OA OAJ).

"Risk" is owned by Carol Metz, and we are co-breeders of this litter. Thanks for letting me brag!


Lynn Uram tells us that...On June 30th, Tequila (CastleGate's White Lightning AX AXJ CGC) was

WD/BW for two points under William Usherwood at the Bushy Run Show. He now has 14 points/two

specialty majors, and he just needs one more point to finish his breed championship. Color me happy!!

Tequila and his Grandma Julie (Iverson) make an awesome team, and she brings out the best in him.

Thank you, Julie!!


Brags from JUNE 2013 Newsletter



Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are thrilled to report that...At the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center’s CPE

agility trials on May 18 & 19, C-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ,

MJB, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned her

Specialist C-ATCH, just 26 weeks after she earned her C-ATCH. On top of that, she earned her 4th

perfect weekend qualifying in all 8 runs. Not bad for an 11 year old.

AND...At the same trial, C-ATCH Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn",

also qualified in all 8 runs earning her 6th perfect weekend.


Lynn Uram tells us that...On May 31st, I attended my first out of town agility trial since the Geraldo x

Ellie puppies arrived, and as a special treat, Tequila was the only dog that I took to the trial. On the first

day of the trial, he earned his second QQ and Q'ed in T2B too. I was beyond thrilled with his

performance that day. He now has 2 QQ's, 8 MXJ legs, and 3 MX legs. We're working hard and

making lots of progress!



Elaine Kelvington tells us that...Samara aka CH Kelvington's Divine Design was Select Bitch on

Thursday, May 23, at the Laurel Highlands Kennel Association show. With a repeat performance on

Friday, May 24 at the Trumbull Co. Kennel Club she had back to back majors to finish her Grand

Championship! In spite of the terrible rain, wind and cold we were smiling all the way back home.




Ginny Schultz reports that...Not sure what got into the 10 year old Izzy who decided to show the world

what she could do the weekend of June 8 and 9th at the Westmoreland trials. She started out on

Saturday by placing 3rd in Utility B with a respectable score of 196.5 followed by a 2nd place in Open B

with a 198. She won HS Sheltie and HS herding dog, so we were convinced she had shot it all in one

day. Nope she was full of another surprise, 2nd in Utility B on Sunday and a respectable 196.5 in Open

B on Sunday. This finished her UDX3 and OM4 all in the same weekend. Way to go Iz and I was

considering retirement for her-----maybe not yet!

AND...Hoover, (the wild one) was not to be out done by the old lady, so he got 2 Graduate Open legs,

both with 1st places. Thank you to Rusty and Debbie for Hoover, who is VERY exciting to show.


Brags from May 2013 Newsletter



Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are thrilled to report that...At the B & D Creekside Activity Center CPE

agility trials on April 20 & 21, C-ATCH Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N

"Addisyn", finished her CPE Agility Trial Champion 2, just 24 weeks after she earned her C-ATCH. She

also earned a Snooker, a Wildcard, 2 Jumpers, a Colors, a Jackpot and a Standard leg.

AND...At the same trial, C-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ,

MJB, OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned 2 Full

House, a Wildcard, 2 Jumpers, a Colors and a Jackpot leg.


Lynn Uram reports that...Geraldo and Zelda are both qualified now for the 2014 AKC Agility National.

This is the fourth time that Geraldo has qualified for the National, and the third time that Zelda has

qualified. We're hoping to get Tequila qualified by the November 30th deadline too.




Lynn Uram tells us that...On April 24th, Ellie (Lochlyn Crestar Hollywood Ending) had her puppies--two

days before her first due date!!  Our final tally was 2 bi-blue girls, 2 bi-blue boys, and 1 bi-black girl.

We're really pleased with what we see in these puppies thus far, and we can't thank Janeen Simpson

(Crestar Shelties) enough for allowing us to lease Ellie for this litter. I've wanted to raise a Geraldo litter

of my own for a long time, and Janeen's generosity is allowing me to fulfill that dream!! All of the

puppies have performance and conformation homes waiting for them.


Brags from April 2013 Newsletter



Rita & Wayne Slepcevich tell us that1At the Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center CPE agility trial on

March 9th & 10th, C-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, MJB,

OAP, MJP, NF, AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned a Jumpers,

a Jackpot, 2 Snooker, a Standard, and a Colors leg.

AND...At the same trial, C-ATCH Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn",

earned a Jumpers, a Jackpot, a Snooker, 2 Standard, a Colors and a Wildcard leg.


Terri Poirier reports that her two novice dogs did reasonably well at the Gateway agility trial. Caleb

(Saranac Legacy of Honor) in his first two shows picked up two novice standard legs including a perfect

score and first place on one day. I have lots to learn with him as he will be my fastest dog ever. My

previous skills will not work with him. He actually did the 34 second JWW course in 17 seconds and was

even able to compete nicely with the master's dogs in T2B with only a bar or two dropped. Jayla,

(Saranac Fields of Dreams), his mother picked up her second JWW leg with a perfect score and a first

place. She was only shown the one day. We are making progress on getting her to come down and off

the contacts.

AND...Terri is pleased to report that at the recent Golden Retriever Club of Greater St Louis, Trevor

completed his MXP3 and the PACH/PAX titles. Trevor is now CH MACH2 PACH Saranac Bi Chance,

CD, HT, OF, MXP3, MJP4,PAX, VCX. Jayla finished her first AKC agility title, NAJ. Caleb, the baby

dog got his first novice jumpers leg.


Barb Westerman tells us that...Windi & I finished out the weekend (at the GRCCO AKC Agility Trial in

Zanesville - 3/9 & 3/10) Q-ing 3 out of 4 times, with 2 first places, a second place, and Finishing a title!

Not bad after such a dry spell! We had a lovely Jumpers run on Sunday Qualifying with a 2nd place

(missing 1st place by less than 1/2 a second), which finished our Open Jumpers title! Windi lost her

concentration on the difficult Standard course, but still ran a decent course, just not good enough to

qualify. Once AKC makes it official, Windi will be "Karefree Gypsy Wind NA OAJ!


Lynn Uram reports that...Tequila and I had a dream weekend at the EKC agility trial in Edinboro, PA

on April 12th-14th!! On the first day of the trial, he earned his 5th MXJ leg and finished his Excellent

Standard (AX) title. That alone would have made my weekend! On Saturday, he earned another MXJ

leg, and we almost Q'ed in Standard. On Sunday, he earned his 7th MXJ leg and drum roll . . . . . his

first QQ!! Tequila was 5 for 6 for the weekend, and he placed either second or third on four of his five

qualifying runs. Tequila has 103 MACH points now! Tequila and I have really struggled to find our mojo

in Standard, so for him to finish his AX and get his first MX leg this weekend was such a thrill for me. It

just figures that we finally gelled as a team just when we're getting ready to take five weeks off

from agility due to Ellie's upcoming litter. I sure hope we still have the same good karma when he and I

return to the ring in mid-May.

AND...Geraldo and Zelda had a lovely weekend too. They were both 4 for 6 and had three QQ's.

between them.




Team Catydid - the point quest continues. We traveled to Harrisburg this weekend for OTCH's UKC

Rally trials and came back happy but exhausted. Quincy had eight runs (between URO 2 and URO 3

classes) and had eight Q's. That included three fourth places and four third places, and scores high

enuf to accumulate 34 more points towards his Rally championship. Cathy Artis





At the New Jersey New Brunswick KC show on March 23rd, Kaskade Dunade's Rushin Berry

Moonglow, HSAsd, OA, OAJ, RA, RN was WB, BOS for a 3 point major to finish. This also qualfies her

for her VCX plus Championship. Chani is sired by CH Kaskade Annonio's Friendly Ghost, HT, PT, NF x

CH Imperial's Cinderella Story, HT, PT, CD, NAJ, NA, RA. Chani is owned by Cheryl Sacherich and Ulli

Weinrich and bred and co-owned by Carol DeMoss and Libby Wade. This is the 15th champion for

Kaskade shelties.



Brags from February - March 2013 Newsletter



Lynn Uram tells us that...The AKC Agility Rankings for 2012 were just published, and I'm delighted to

report that Zelda was #15 on the list of the Top Agility Shelties. She earned 52 QQ's and 3 MACH's last

year despite the fact that she missed two months of trialing due to my foot injury. Zelda and I

are hoping to the crack the Top Ten in 2013!!


Peter, Peggy and Maggie Grandillo are very proud to announce that on, January 26, 27,

2013 at the T D A A trial at B. & D. Creekside Activity Center at Latrobe, Molly had a great

two day trial, 10 runs for 10 place Q. 4 First place Q. 3 Second place Q. 3 Third place Q.

Molly also got her T. A. M. 3 title ( TEACUP MASTER AGILITY ) And T. A. C. H. 2 (TEACUP

AGILITY DOG CHAMPION ). Our whole family is proud of our Molly’s accomplishments.


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich report that4At the B & D Creekside CPE agility trial on February 9th &

10th, C-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN, RAE, AX, MXJ, MJB, OAP, MJP, NF,

AG.I.J, NAC, NJC, OGC, RS-O, JS-O, GS-O, CGC, TDI "Hannah", earned a Jackpot, 2 Standard, a

Jumpers, a Full House, and a Wildcard leg.

AND...At the same trial, C-ATCH Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn",

earned 2 Jackpot, 2 Standard, a Colors, a Jumpers, a Full House, a Snooker and a Wildcard leg.


Terri Poirer tells us that...after being off for nearly three months of trialing, we had a good weekend at

the TAC trial. Trevor earned his 19 QQ and now has 765 points for his PACH and PAX. He also

completed his MJP4. I was also very pleased with Rachel as she has not trialed in nearly two years

after being injured and suffering a post-traumatic stress condition. She earned a QQ to give her 9 QQ

and 563 points. We are now encouraged that she may be able to earn the MACH.




Diane Troese reports that Pinta (BISS GrCH Emprise Silver Lining took BOS at the Saturday

TRSSCGP specialty under Linda More. She was handled by Marlana Tice to this win. Tomfullery

Johnny Depp (Deppy), an Audrey/Ticker son co bred by Brenda Fuller and me, took his class at the

specialty 3 of the 4 days handled by Katie Grohowalski.




Diane Troese tells us that Poppy Troese earned her first leg on her beginner novice title with a

second place at the Central New York Sheltie specialty in Syracuse in November, first time shown in

obedience ever. She had the greatest time. This nice win made up for the nq we received the next day

because Poppy's mother got confused (and kind of went off course). She then came into season and

has missed showing at our specialty, but she is working hard toward her novice title for early spring, and

to finish up the BN title as well.




Team Catydid ran in the APDT Rally trials in Latrobe in January. (It was the first time I had all three

guys in the same event in some time – seemed kind of weird.) But they all did well. Kerry ran Level 1

and scored a 197, 209 (4th place), and 210 (1st place, and the only perfect 210 in a sizeable class).

That earned him his RL1 title with scores good enuf also for a COE. Braedy also ran Level 1 and

scored 199, 205, and 203. That earned him his RL1 title, also with scores good enuf for a COE.

Quincy ran Level 2 and did well (along with some creativity). He scored 197 (3rd), 208 (3rd), and 203

(2nd). That earned him his RL 2 title, also with scores good enuf for a COE. Mom is getting too old to

learn to remember so many courses at once !...Cathy Artis

Michelle Yackovich tells us that4At the APDT Rally Trial in Latrobe Gio and Bella did awesome.

They both earned the RL1 and RL2 rally titles. They also earned two certificates for awards of

excellence because all their scores were 190 or above. Gio score a perfect score of 210. Roe gave

me a great puppy in Gio. I am very thankful for my little guy and for the new friend I found in his

breeder Roe George. I couldn't be more happy or proud. I am looking forward to the Sheltie Specialty

in February.




We have been on pins and needles awaiting results but they are in. Quincy was in his first Freestyle

Dance competition in December. Every thing gets reviewed (much like Olympics ice skating, with scores

and critiques in many areas by the judges). Many eons ago Mandy and I had dabbled in Freestyle

Dance with workshops and so on, but we never got to the point of competition. QUINCY QUALIFIED

!!! Not bad for a little deaf dog with a mom with a gimpy knee. I am so excited we are still on cloud

nine. Now I am waiting for ribbon and official paperwork to come by snail mail. – Cathy Artis and



New Addition


Diane Troese reports that4We have a new puppy here. I had always loved her mother ~ GCH Icon

Roll The Dice (SHELBY) so when Sharon Sampson (ICON) graciously called me to give me first dibbs

on a 13 week old tricolor puppy bitch in the litter by Ch Homewood In The Paint, we couldn't resist. Her

name is GIADA (italian for gemstone) with the registered name of Icon Black Diamonds And Dice.




From Kaskade Shelties: It's official! Cinders has her Versatility Excellent + Champion Award. She is

now: Ch Imperials Cinderella Story, CD, RA, PT, NAP, NJP, VC, VCX +CH. Cinders is owned by Carol

DeMoss and Libby Wade.


Brags from January 2013 Newsletter


Lynn Uram tells us that...On 12-09-12, Zelda earned her MACH5 in Morgantown, WV on her last run

of the day!! Going into that run, I didn't think there was any way we could earn enough points on that

run to finish her MACH today. She put the pedal to the metal and earned the points she needed and

one to spare!! Zelda loves to Happy Dance, so instead of taking a true victory lap, I let her Happy

Dance to her heart's content instead!! As Zelda and I were continuing our victory celebration outside of

the ring, someone reminded me that I still needed to run Tequila (Zelda's son) in Excellent Jumpers

too. By the time I gave Zelda some more treats and put her away, there were only six dogs ahead of

Tequila. He and I made a mad dash for the ring, and he had an incredible Jumpers run too. He

qualified and earned his first 15 MACH points!! He placed third in the class too---not bad for his first

qualifying run in Excellent B. He also got his first qualifying leg in Time 2 Beat that day. It was really

neat for Tequila to earn his first MACH points on the same day that his dam finished her MACH5. The

show photographer (Louis Ruediger) was kind enough to stay a few minutes after the trial to take a

Mother-Son photograph for me. It will be such a nice keepsake of our joyful finish to this weekend's

trial. Getting Zelda's MACH today was a wonderful way to head into our three week break from trialing.

AND...On January 4th on his first run of the weekend at the Erie Kennel Club's agility trial, Geraldo was

20 seconds under course time and earned his MACH5! It was such a "feel good" run, and it was a

great way to start our New Year! At that same trial, Zelda qualified on five of her six runs, and Tequila

earned two MXJ legs and 21 MACH points.


Rita & Wayne Slepcevich are thrilled to report that At the Four Seasons K9 agility trial in

Washingtonville OH on December 29 & 30, C-ATCH U-AGI Homespun Sweet Home Chicago CD, BN,


"Hannah", had her 3rd "Perfect Weekend" qualifying in all 9 runs and earning a Jackpot, a Standard, 2

Snooker, 2 Wildcard, a Full House, a Jumpers and a Colors leg.

AND...At the same trial, C-ATCH Homespun Cubbie Blue BN, RE, AX, OAJ, JS-N, GS-N "Addisyn",

earned a Standard, a Snooker, 2 Wildcard, a Full House, a Jumpers and a Colors leg.


Michelle Yackovich is pleased to announce that...Glendower’s Wallie Giovanni (Gio) qualified 7 out

of 11 runs at the ASCA agility Trial Dec 29-31. We rang in the New Year with 4 first place, 2 second

place and 1 third place finishes and earned his Novice Gamblers Title. He is a fast little guy and I am

extremely proud of his performance.




Barb Westerman tells us that...Cleveland Classic this year was one of those fun weekends to be a

breeder! There was exciting news from both conformation & agility for offspring from our lovely blue

merle "Windi" (Karefree Gypsy Wind NA NAJ). For the "Gabe" (CH CastleGate Angel In Disguise) x

"Windi" (Karefree Gypsy Wind NA NAJ) litter, all three of the show prospect puppies were in the ring,

with me handling Gypsy’s Indigo Angel (Indi) and Gypsy’s Karefree Angel (Luci). Thursday, Karefree

Fear Factor "Risk" (owned by co-breeder Carol J Metz) went Best of Winners (with me on the end of the

leash in BOB) and a 4 point major for under judge Mrs. Charlotte J. Tull-Swinson. "Risk" now sits at 11

pts both majors. Then on Saturday both "Risk" and "Indi" (co-owned with Gabe’s owner Anne Trosky)

were considered for winners dog, with "Indi" ultimately beating out his brother for the 4 Point Specialty

Major Reserve under judge Ms. Susan Christie (judge for 2012 ASSA National). "Luci" the pretty tri

littermate sister (owned by me), didn’t place as well as her brothers, but still had a fun weekend with lots

of really nice compliments from the judges and ringside! Looking forward to her growing up! Not bad

for 15 month old pups in such a huge venue! For the "Seger" (Gypsy’s Night Moves) x

"Windi" (Karefree Gypsy Wind NA NAJ) litter, "Jovi" (Gypsy's Make A Memory MX MXJ MJG OF, owned

by Anne Ujczo), who has enough points for his MACH, had QQ number 13!



Ginny Shultz reports that Hoover and Izzy got together and decided to give mom a couple of titles

for Christmas. Hoover started his Novice title in Westmoreland in November with 2 legs and 2 1st

places. We decided to go to the Christmas Classic in Cleveland for a real test of his ability not notice all

those female Shelties and keep his mind on the Obedience tasks at hand. He past the test and finished

his title on Thursday with another 1st place and high scoring Shetland Sheepdog. Friday started with

the ominous sight of his nose twitching as a female in heat (panties on) stood right outside the ring

during his run. He only lost his mind temporarily as he got a 2nd place, but the 4th leg. On Saturday,

he was a little tired from all that sniffing so he decided to focus on the task at hand and got another 1st

place and high scoring Shetland sheepdog. Bingo---5 legs, 4 1st places and the best ever Christmas

gift for Mom.

AND Izzy started and finished her Versatility title with a 1st place on each day of Thursday, Friday and

Saturday. This was really a great gift for Mom as she was expecting the usual UDX leg or something,

but Izzy decided to surprise her and her other Mom, Rusty, with a new bag of tricks. Thanks Izzy and

Hoover --- you're the best.





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